1 Corinthians 16:14 ~ Do everything in love.

About Us!

My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenny or Jen. I've been married to my handsome hubs, Bryan, for 20 years. We have been blessed with 3 amazing children, one of which has cystic fibrosis. We have great family and friends supporting us. We love our life together and enjoy every crazy minute that comes with having 3 kids. I originally started this blog as a way to communicate with our family and friends after the birth of our son who has CF, but over the last 14 years it has morphed into my own personal journal of our family life. I still use this blog as a way to communicate about Bryce's CF, but mostly you will find stories of our life as a busy family of 5.

In my "free" time I love taking photos of my kids. I am self-taught on the DSLR so sometimes my pictures come out fabulous and other times they aren't great. Over the past year I've had some paying gigs for my photography and I'm hopeful this will grow into something I can do full time as I truly enjoy photography.  

My handsome hubs, Bryan.

He's pretty much my favorite person ever. I believe in love at first sight because that is about all it took for me to know he was the one. True story! Bryan is a real laid back guy and I'm totally opposite so we balance each other out. Bryan is a teacher and also runs his own beach volleyball club called Southern Select Sand or S3 for short. Up until April 2017 he was the head varsity coach at Pope High School, but he stepped down to focus on growing his beach club. He lead the Pope High School volleyball team to 3 consecutive state championships (2009, 2010, 2011). In 2020 Bryan came back to coaching high school volleyball and is the head coach at Etowah High School. He loves to cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs, take naps, eat sandwiches, coach indoor and beach volleyball, shooting guns, our kids and last but not least, me!


Our little lady! 

Sydney is 19 years old and is a Sophomore in college. She displays the typical first born child traits: confident, independent, a natural leader, bossy. She is athletic and has been playing soccer for 13 years. Sadly the last two seasons of her club/high school seasons didn't go as planned; two ACL injuries. One on each knee. She worked hard to rehab those knees and is happily playing intramural soccer at UNG. The upside to tearing two ACLs back to back is she discovered a passion for physical therapy so that's what she is studying at school. 


Our baby girl! 

Jordyn is 16-years-old and is in the 11th grade. She is the Junior class Vice President and takes her school work very seriously. This girl kills it at school and is currently ranked 20 out of 627. Wow! When she is not playing NL soccer you can find her sketching and painting. She is fantastic artist and is extremely funny! She is genuinely a sweet girl and very compassionate towards others, but also has quite the feisty side when needed. 


The Boy!

God must have known our family needed a boy and He delivered in a big way. Bryce has been shaking things up since the day he was born. Bryce is 14-years-old and very entertaining. He is in 8th grade and definitely keeps everyone on their toes. He is full of energy and loves life. He is a friend to all and accepts anyone and everyone. He started playing soccer in hopes of releasing some of that energy when he was 5-years-old. His favorite position to play is keeper, which is a job he takes very seriously. Bryce was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 weeks old - caught by the state's newborn screening. The news came as a complete shock to our family. Bryan and I had no idea we were carriers as there is no family history for either of us. I didn't even know what CF was until the day Bryce was diagnosed. 


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