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About Us!

My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenny or Jen I've been married to my fabulous husband Bryan for 14 years. We have been blessed with 3 amazing children, one of which has cystic fibrosis. We have great family and friends supporting us. We love our life together, and enjoy every crazy minute that comes with having 3 kids. I originally started this blog as a way to communicate with our family and friends after the birth of our son who has CF, but it's morphed into my own personal journal of our family life. I still use this blog as a way to communicate about Bryce's CF, but mostly you will find stories of our busy life.

In my "free" time I love taking photos of my kids. I am self-taught on the DSLR so sometimes my pictures come out fabulous and other times they are pretty awful. Maybe one of these days when I'm not driving kids to and from school and soccer I will take an actual class. We make a yearly trip to Walt Disney World, which is the highlight of our year. If we could afford more vacations we would definitely go, but for now we are content with our magical week with Mickey each year. I find planning every detail of these trips to be just as much fun as going. I work from home selling custom made solid wood furniture. I like to refer to it as "grown up furniture". Bryan's family is in the wood-working business so that's how the furniture career came about for me. You can take a look at my website at: www.naturespinefurniture.net.

My handsome hubs, Bryan.

He's pretty much my favorite person ever. I believe in love at first sight because that is about all it took for me to know he was the one. True story! Bryan is a real laid back guy and I'm totally opposite so we really balance each other out. Bryan is a teacher and a high school volleyball coach. He lead the Pope High School volleyball team to 3 consecutive state championships (2009, 2010, 2011). He recently started a sand volleyball club called Southern Select Sand. He loves to take naps, eat sandwiches, the Georgia Bulldogs, beach volleyball, shooting guns, making our kids laugh and last but not least, me!


Our little lady!

Sydney is 12 years old and is in 7th grade. She displays the typical first born child traits: confident, natural leader, bossy. She is a stickler for rules and will let you know if you break one; however, she has been known to bend the rules for herself. She is very independent and typically takes things very seriously. She is athletic and has been playing soccer for 5 years. She is very creative and enjoys anything pertaining to arts and crafts. Sydney is a carrier of the DeltaF508 mutated gene.


Our baby girl!

Jordyn is 10-years-old and is in the 4rd grade. When she is not playing soccer you can find her doing walkovers, back handsprings, cartwheels and splits all over the place. She is extremely funny and can be very sneaky. She is genuinely a sweet girl and very compassionate towards others. She loves to dress up and play with her dolls. I'm convinced Jordyn thinks life is one big Disney movie. She is a girlie girl for sure, but can be tough when need be. Jordyn is not a carrier of the mutated CF gene.


Our little man!

God must have known our family needed a boy and He delivered in a big way. Bryce has been shaking things up since the day he was born. Bryce is 7-years-old and extremely entertaining. He is in first grade and definitely keeps his teachers on their toes. He is full of energy and loves life. He is by far the happiest person I know and always has a smile on his face. He started playing soccer in hopes of releasing some of that energy. Bryce was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 weeks old - caught by the newborn screening. The news came as a complete shock to our family. Bryan and I had no idea we were carriers as there is no family history for either of us. I didn't even know what CF was until the day Bryce was diagnosed. Bryce carries the DeltaF508 and G551D genes. His currently takes 3 to 4 Creon 12 enzymes before meals and snacks. He takes 15 mg of Prevacid each morning along with a vitamin specifically made for CFers. He uses his inCourage Vest system 2 times a day for 30 minutes. His does breathing treatments on an as needed basis as well as nasal rinses and Flonase. Two days after his 6th birthday he started Kalydeco, which we are so very thankful for. This drug has been doing wonders for his health.


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