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Sunday, February 8, 2009

6 Month Happenings...

On Monday of last week we took Bryce to clinic. Clinic is where Bryce meets with all of his specialists on the same day instead of us having to make several different appointments to meet with each of these individuals. I am happy to say that we really don't have any news to report from clinic. No new IS good news! Bryce did not make he weight goal of 15.2 lbs, but he was so close. He weighed in at 14.13 lbs and he was 25.5" in length and the doctors seemed happy with this. To help him "fatten" up they increased his formula per ounce on his feedings, which also means he is having more enzyme pills per feeding. We have been having a few issues of him spitting up more than usual lately so he has gone up on his acid reducer amount as well. So our clinic report is rather boring, but a boring report is what we want. :)

Bryce was a big flirt at clinic. He smiled for all the nurses and showed them how he can put his toes in his mouth. He was very proud of himself.

Since clinic Bryce has gotten himself a lovely little cold. He is doing 3 breathing treatments a day right now because he has a yucky cough. Hopefully this cold will remain just a cold and clear up quickly. I say this because as of this morning Bryan has been in bed with the flu! Needless to say Bryan is being quarantined to the bedroom and Bryce is staying far away him.

Just thought I would put a picture of Boss in the blog so won't feel left out.

On more exciting news Bryce is 6-1/2 months now and doing a few new "tricks" as we like to call them. Bryce is officially sitting up. He has been sitting up but keeping his hands on the floor for balance since 5-1/2 months, but now he sits up nice and tall. He likes to sit in his Pack-N-Play with all of his toys. He is also holding his own bottle although he sometimes gets a little a lazy with it. Bryce's new "word" of choice is...drumroll...dadadadadada. Bryan has decided that this is Bryce's first official word, but I am not totally on board with this thought. All weekend the little guy has been very vocal, more so than usual. I think he likes the way his voice sounds with a cold. This morning Bryce got a special treat. I gave him a Ritz cracker and let me tell you...the boy loved it. He literally ate the whole thing. Of course he threw up all over the place shortly after finishing it, but I really think he didn't mind that part at all. We are also finished with the infant carrier. This makes me so very happy. I hate lugging that thing around and I really hate trying to get it in and out of the car. I am guessing Bryce loves being placed gently into a car seat rather than me flinging him and his carrier into the base. So other than the cold, Bryce is doing wonderful. He is a sweet and happy baby.

Two weeks ago Bryan and I had our first teacher/parent conference for Sydney. Mrs. Barfield said that Sydney is one of the sweetest students she has ever taught in her 20+ years of teaching. It's always nice to hear that your child is being sweet at school because with the way Sydney and
Jordyn can go at each other I wonder sometimes! Sydney is working on her second list of sight words and is almost half way through reading Hop on Pop all by herself and today she read a book on cats all by herself! At school they practice writing stories and I must say Sydney writes some great stories. For the most part the kids write the stories on their own. They don't get help on spelling from the teachers so the fact that I can figure out what her stories say is pretty great. She does a really good job at sounding out words that she doesn't know.

This is the book Sydney read all by herself! Sydney inside her new booster seat box.

Miss Jordyn is doing great in school too. She is slowly starting to attempt drawing actual objects rather than scribbles. Drawing and learning doesn't hold Jordyn's attention like it does with Sydney. Jordyn would rather play make-believe/pretend with her dolls. I think Jordyn has a wonderful imagination. She gets lost in her own little world once she starts playing with her dolls. I love listening to the different voices she gives to each of
the dolls. Jordyn's newest thing to do is to have us call her by something other than Jordyn. It's not everyday, but she will let you know when she wants to be called something else. Some of the names she has requested are: Rootie, Ariel, Snow White, Woody and Annabelle. The other night before Bryan came to bed he woke Jordyn up to make her go potty. When she got back in bed he kissed her and said, "Sleep good Jordyn. I love you". Jordyn replied while half asleep, "Daddy, call me Snow White". Sometimes I wish I could just bottle my babies us the way the are now and keep them this way. I love how their minds work. I love listening to them talk and laugh. And most importantly I love dressing them up in cute clothes. ;)

Jordyn had a blast at Max's 2nd birthday party. Jordyn the "Kitty Cat".

Up until getting sick Bryan has been working on the basement pretty much non stop. Things are moving right along and pretty soon he will be completely finished. We are both looking forward to that day. The only things left are a few baseboards, some small trim work, crown molding and the stairs. YAH!!! I will post some basement progress photos soon. Nothing excitin
g to report about myself. I have been loving the weather we have had the past few days. The kids have gotten outside for several hours all weekend. This means the house gets a break from being trashed!!

Ok...I just got barfed on by Bryce so that is my cue to wrap things up. (He has been throwing up all weekend...I think it's the extra mucus from the cold). Until the next post...Hugs!

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Anonymous said...

Even though it has been a long time since we were friends Jenny, I really enjoy reading your updates about your beautiful family. Back when we were young and skating, I never thought we would be dealin with such "grown up" things. I am glad to hear that little Bryce is doing well and I think of your family often. You seems to be handling things so well and you have a lot to be proud of.