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Friday, February 27, 2009

Jones Strep and Sinus

First let's start with some good news! At Bryce's Synagis appointment last week he weighed in at 15.6 lbs!! Yah for making some steady weight gain progress. Bryce is 7 months old now and doing great, but Bryan, Sydney and Jordyn can not say the same. Two weeks ago Bryan got the flu. He was out of work for 5 days, which is terrible for him to miss so much work and wasn't much fun for me either. I thought we were smooth sailing until Jordyn started coughing last week. Then a few days later Sydney started coughing and had fever. The next thing you know Bryan comes down with fever again. SO - today (Friday Feb. 27th) the 3 of them went to the doctor. Bryan has a sinus infection and the girls both have Strep throat. Yippy!!! Thankfully Bryce and I are feeling just fine. Fingers crossed that the little guy and I will skip all this sickness. We have one more month to go of cold and flu season so pray that Bryce keeps on trucking through things. So far we could not have asked for things to go more smoothly. I feel like I am going to jinks myself as I write this. Knock on wood!!!

Pictures from the past few weeks...

Jordyn being a helpful big sister at the doctor's office.

Bryce is all smiles waiting for his shot.

Sydney had a Sock Hop at her school. This was her 50's get up!

Bryce is so close to assuming the crawling position. He gets really close and then ends up on his tummy. He gets frustrated after a few tries and starts to fuss. Won't be long until he's on the go!

Who needs toys when you have feet and toes to play with!

Healthy wishes and hugs to all...

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The Eady's said...

I hope you and Bryce do not get sick!!! Strep and Sinus infections are going around here too. Luckly we have not gotten either at the Eady house...but Bryant goes in Monday to get tubes in his ears...poor little guys has been plagued with ear infections and hes only 11 months!!!