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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sydney's First Kid Wedding

So - today Sydney came in from school wearing a beautiful white dress. At first I thought maybe she had spilled something on the clothes she went to school in, but that was not the case. Out of the entire Kindergarten Sydney was asked to be the bride in the marriage of the letters Q and U. Well...our Sydney declined the offer. When she told me this I was shocked! I asked her why she did not want to be the bride. She covered her mouth and giggled saying, "I can't tell you." Bryan and I told Sydney she can't keep secrets from us so she walked over to reluctantly whisper her reason in my ear. I could not understand what she was saying so she kept crossing her arms. Then Bryan figured it out...Sydney did not want to link arms with the groom!!! She was not down with linking arms with a boy. Too funny, but completely OK with Bryan and I. ;) Instead of being the bride, Sydney was the maid of honor, which she really enjoyed. Sydney's para-pro, Mrs. Thompson, was nice enough to let Sydney bring the beautiful wedding dress home for the weekend.

By the way...Sydney came up with the title of this blog all on her own. She is so helpful. :)

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