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Sunday, May 17, 2009

9 Month Old Bryce

Hello to all! Bryce is 9 months old and into everything. His new thing is pulling up on anything and everything he can get his hands on. He is weighing in at 17.6 lbs, which made his CF doctors very happy. I have dropped 2 of his bottle feedings - he was on 5 a day and now he is scarfing down all sorts of table food. He loves oatmeal, all sorts of fruit, macaroni and cheese, etc. I haven't found too much he doesn't want to eat. Of course all of his food has to be high calorie so he gets extra sugar, butter, cheese, sour cream and other yummy high calorie extras mixed into his foods. Bryce is getting over a little cold that he picked up from making a visit to Sydney's school, but other than that things are going very well for him.

Grahm Cracker face mixed with a little hint of spinach!

Swinging at work with mommy.

Bryce pulls up on everything.

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