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Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of Dance Classes!

The girls started dance classes this week. They have a dance program at our church called FBCW Dance...for His Glory. The girls were so excited to start dance classes. They are doing ballet and tap. The first day went pretty good. If I had to guess...Jordyn liked it a little more than Sydney. I really think Sydney is going to be our more sporty-athlete girl. Jordyn was pretty much in heaven. Parents don't get to sit inside the dance class, but they have a room where you can watch the class on TV. Jordyn's class was pretty hilarious, but I must say she did really well. I didn't get to see Sydney's class because I didn't know about the TV room until after she finished. Next week I will catch her class. The pictures below are of Jordyn "putting on a show" for me while Sydney was in her class. Needless to say she put the show on for all of the other mom's waiting. They seemed to enjoy it and she was eating it up. I can't wait until recital time!!

A signature Jordyn move. I think this is her attempt at "Contemporary" dancing.

Pretty ballerina.

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