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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jordyn's Four ~ Costume Galore!

On Saturday October 17, our little Jordyn turned 4 years old! To celebrate we invited family and friends to our house on Sunday for a costume birthday party. What a fun party! All the kids looked fabulous in their costumes....and so did some of the adults. I was so excited to have some of the adults participate in the theme of the party. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Jordyn's special day with her. Now...if we can just figure out a way to freeze time so my babies will STOP growing so fast!!!

Jordyn the 50's Girl in Pink.

Sydney the 50's Girl in Purple.

Bryce as our 50's Biker Boy! (Total rebel)

Ethan! Makenzie! Maisie! Aidan!

Garrett! Cece & Bryce! Isabella! The Bottoms Crew!

Taylor! Hailey! Lexie! Kati, Kari, Aunt Carole & Rhonda!

Erin as E-ball the dog!

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