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Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Black Eye...

Bryce has given himself his very first black eye. I doubt this will be the last black eye he will get considering how how active and curious our little man is. Bryce is into "Extreme Vesting". While wearing his therapy vest he sometimes is content to sit and watch a cartoon. But sometimes he prefers to walk around or climb whatever is near, which does include climbing on top of the machine part of his vest. Last night (12/19) he was in a walking mood, lost his balance (not hard to do when a machine is shaking your whole body) and he fell. When he fell he hit the corner of his eye on the footboard of our bed. His eye started swelling immediately so I tried to put ice on it...as much as you can put ice on an active toddler. When he woke up this morning he had a lovely shiner on his face...just in time for Christmas pictures with Nanny! 

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Unknown said...

That's a cute picture. I have to try me some "extreme vesting" too!!!!