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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoo Day!

On MLK day we took a family day to the zoo. The weather was perfect and the animals were very active. The kids had a blast although Jordyn was ready to go after about 5 mins being there, but really...this didn't surprise us much. ;) Bryan loved looking at the animals. He pointed to everything. Sydney's only request of the day was to see the kangaroos because we didn't see them the last trip. The kangaroos were one of our first stops and to our surprise we got to see a Joey hanging out in mom's pouch. Pretty cool.

Another cool part of our trip were the lions. Usually when we go they are sleeping out in the sun, but this time they were all awake and roaring like crazy. You could hear their roars echo throughout the zoo all day.

If you are bored with nothing to do on a mild Georgia winter weekend...I recommend heading down to the Atlanta Zoo. Doesn't take long to complete the whole zoo, you can bring your own food and parking is free! (We have a family pass for the year - such a great deal.)

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