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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CF Volunteer Dinner

On Tuesday night Bryan and I attended the CFF Volunteer dinner. We had a great time. It was so nice meeting other CF parents and supporters. I met 2 fellow mom's that I have already connected with on Face Book. I must admit it's nice to chat with some ladies totally get it because they know. It was very comforting and I am thankful for the new friendships. One of the mom's (Samantha) has a 17 month old son named Colin. He was born a month after Bryce and is doing awesome. I found out from her FB page that her son was 1 of 15 babies born in the state of Georgia in 2008 that was diagnosed with CF through the newborn screening. You know what that means...Bryce was one of those babies too. It's hard to believe, out of the all the babies in the entire state of Georgia only 15 of them tested positive with CF. WOW! 

Bryan and I received the award for New Volunteers of the Year in the state of Georgia. When we got the phone call a few weeks ago we were pretty surprised. We were blown away at what some of the other more experienced families and organizations are raising each year for the CFF. I feel like we really have to step up our game! The good news is I got some great ideas on some ways to do some new fund raising.The brain storming has started...

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