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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 2010 Clinic

GREAT news from our February clinic. Bryce had a weight goal from our last November clinic to weigh in at 22.8lbs. Well...he beat that goal and weighed in at 24.1 lbs!! I was so excited when the number flashed on the scale. Our boy did some growing too. He grew 1-1/2" since November. I figured as much because we are rapidly running out of pants that fit! Other than Bryce's fantastic weight gain I don't have much else to report and in this case - No News is Good News!! Bryce's lungs are nice and clear. We are to keep up our current nutrition plan, which basically consists of Bryce eating whatever and whenever he wants. Clearly this method is working for him. ;) He has grown so much that they ordered him a bigger vest (not the whole machine...just the vest). We are still waiting on the throat culture results, but the docs/nurses said it's very unlikely he cultured anything because he has been a healthy boy other than a minor cold here and there. I am one proud and happy mommy.

Now - with all of that said I think Bryce picked up a little cold fr
om his visit to clinic. I'm not surprised as we spent over 3 hours in a hospital exam room. Bryce was all over that room and into every thing so it's no surprise he has picked something up. My gut is telling me this is just a minor head cold and HOPEFULLY it will clear out soon.

As always - we are so grateful to all of you for your prayers and support.

(I am currently having camera difficulty so I don't have any ph
otos to upload from clinic although I did take a few. I hope to post them very soon. In the meantime here are photos of Bryce doing what he does best...making anything into something to play with!)

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