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Thursday, February 18, 2010

One Week Down

Well - we are one week down on our new meds and new routine. I will be the first to admit that so far this whole process has gone much smoother than I expected. I really expected Bryce to fight us on every single breathing treatment because in the past he always has. I'm happy to say he has been a trooper!!! It's almost like he knows he doesn't have a choice so he just does it. He has not refused the oral meds so I'm guessing they must taste somewhat good. He has only fussed a few times on the inhaled treatments, which was what I was dreading most...he proved me wrong! It took me a few days to figure out a good routine for us in the morning so we can Jordyn to school on time. Our first day Jordyn was a little late for school, but since then we have all been machines in the morning. I do make about 20 trips up and down my stairs in-between Bryce doing his treatments and Jordyn getting breakfast going. I count these trips towards my daily workout. ;)


We have 1 week of the oral meds left and 3 weeks of the inhaled meds left. Here's hoping the meds are doing their thing and killing the psuedo! 

The picture above is from Bryce's fun in the snow. 

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