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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break came and spring break went. Boo! I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed our spring break schedule. I didn't realize I needed a slowed down schedule. I get so wrapped up in what we have going on day to day that I really don't have much down time. This last week was just perfect! Perfect weather for hanging out with my favorite people ever.

Our spring break consisted of hours of outside play time. Bryce is an outside play time addict. You say outside and he literally runs to the door and starts to cry if you don't open it. He even started to say "outside"! We got a few odd jobs completed around the house that had been lingering on our to do list. I got to lay out for a little while and people...I wore sunblock!!! (Amazing). We cleaned the house and Bryan scooped poop in the back yard so the kids could play for ever MORE outside time. We went to visit the zoo with the Grundy's and had a picnic lunch. We had many outdoor lunches and dinners. We planted some flowers - if they grow is a different story. ;) We went to the park a few times and watched a few of our new movies. We went to church with our family for Easter service. The girls spent the night out with Honey and we visited our Nanny. We did ice skating with Uncle Joey and daddy took us for a visit to the lake.

Summer here we come!!!

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