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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 10

Today's photo is dedicated to Connor Reed Jones.
He was laid to rest today.
Our family wore red all day in his honor.
Looking at FB and numerous blogs of fellow CF parents and CFers has been so heart-warming over the past month or so. What an amazing community of people! CF has its only little community, and man are they
Makes this CF Momma feel so good inside that my little guy has a whole slew of people supporting him, fighting for him, raising funds for him, praying for him, etc. People who have never even met him. You better believe we are doing the same in return...


Unknown said...

Your family is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your blog. Love the pic you took today for the Jones family. I don't think i would be half as strong without the support of the CF online community..it just goes to show how strong we really can be. I look forward to following you and and your family. Much love-

Jen said...

Thanks Sandy! I loved watching the video of your little one dancing. Her "Happy Feet" dance was too cute!