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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sydney is SEVEN already?! Well...not quite yet, but in one week it will be official. How can we be at SEVEN years old already? How is it that my first born child is going into 2nd grade? Is there anyway for me to slow this ride down? I definitely feel like we are on fast forward these days...

We planned Sydney's birthday party a week early this year because many people are either out of town or already have plans on her actual birthday (July 3rd). The "perks" of having your birthday so close to a holiday I guess. So this year we decided to move the party up a week in hopes that more of her friends could celebrate with her. We had a great turn out as almost half of her first grade class was in attendance. The kids had an absolute blast as did most of the adults in attendance. Take a look at the photo slide show of the party below.

One July birthday down...one more to go...Bryce's 2nd birthday is up next. Whew.

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