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Saturday, July 10, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 20


Typically Saturday night is Bryan and I's date night, but for the past few weekends we have had so much going on we haven't gotten a chance to get out. My mom is kind enough to come up to our house on Saturday nights and watch the kids.

What did we do on our exciting night out you ask?

After a delicious pizza dinner at Ray's (white pizza with spinach...YUM) we headed out to Original Mattress Factory to price out mattresses for Bryce. Yep, time to move our little guy from the crib to "big boy bed". Don't be jealous you didn't spend your Saturday night looking at twin mattress sets. ;)

Turns out pricing mattresses doesn't take long so we ended up meeting up with some of our family for ice cream. Thanks Mark, Missy, Ethan, Ben and Erica for letting us crash your Cold Stone ice cream party. After 2 hours of random chit chat about movies and kids and silly bands (Ethan's choice of topic) we called it a night.

Doesn't really matter what Bryan and I do on date night. I love getting to spend time with my main man. Always have the best time and it's always nice to enjoy a dinner where we can actually focus on each other and have conversation.

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