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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 30

Yesterday morning I let the dog out to potty as usual. Well, he immediately started barking, which is not typical of him. So I take a peek outside to see what he was all worked up about and saw this little guy waddling around the street. A goose walking around was very exciting for the kids, and I thought the dog was going to go out of him mind.

Of course I had to grab my camera because how often does a goose hang in the cul-de-sac? I'm not sure if he was injured or not. He kept raising his wings up and down, but just kept walking around. I slowly made my way over to him and gave him a snack of whole wheat flat bread...ya know to help him keep his nice goose shape. ;)

After feeding him and snapping a few pics I loaded up the kids in the car to head off for work. As we drove past our little bird friend he was making his way down the street and attracting attention from other neighbors. Hopefully he made it to where he was heading...

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