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Thursday, July 29, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 40

So I had a completely different blog planned for Day 40, but due to unforeseen events tonight I had to change it up.

If this blog wasn't titled "50 Days of Summer: Day 40" I would probably title it:

"Oh Poop!" or "Holy Poop!" or "Poop Happens" or simply "Poop!"


Well our little monster man decided to take the word milkshake literally. In the time it took me to clean off the table from dinner, give the girls a cookie and wash a few dishes I turn around to find this.
Now by the time I took this photo I had already cleaned up the floor, the baseboards behind his chair, the blinds and the chair itself. Yes, all covered. I didn't think he had that much of his milkshake left, but apparently a little can go a long way. His shirt mid way down to his pants were soaking wet.

I couldn't get mad. I mean look at this face. So innocent...yet not. ;)
When I took this picture I was telling him that mommy was very upset with him for shaking milk all over the place. In this picture it looks like he is taking it all in and thinking about it. Maybe he will make a 2 year old mental note not to do this again.
Ha. Ha.

Since the boy was soaking wet and sticky I had Sydney run some bath water for me while I finished cleaning up the mess. I took Bryce upstairs, undress him and put him in the tub. I walk across the hall to the laundry room to put his soaked clothing in the washer.
This process may have taken 2 minutes tops.

I come back to this:

Yes. Yes that is poop you see hanging out on the side of the tub and inside it.
And like all good moms I had to take a picture and post a blog about it.

I really think Bryce was trying to make it to the potty because of the poops placement. I think it ("it" as in the poop), how do I say this...came out while he was trying to get out of the tub. As you can see the longer I made him stand to take a photo the more upset he got.
I think he was a little embarrassed.

Note to self: Never turn your back on a 2 year old BOY for one minute!

Oh and for those of you who think a blog about poop is gross I'm sorry. Since Bryce has blessed our home with the joys of CF gastric issues, poop "ain't no thing but a chicken wing".


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness- what a great post. My husband and I were laughing so hard- only because Madeline has done this too us before too...just not the the same extent. Thanks for the chuckle tonight- i needed it. Your kids really are adorable.

Michelle said...

Absolutely hilarious! Ella pooped in the shower one morning and Ryan went running out and said to Sam, "Daddy, Ella took a duece in the shower." Gotta love those kiddos, they keep us on our toes and fits of laughter! :)

Jen Tomerlin said...

That is hilarious!!! You have to love boys.... My son Bryce (he also has CF) is 9 weeks old. He loves his "manhood" so much he grabs it everytime I change his diaper or give him a bath. Thanks for sharing!

casey said...

That was so funny. I am laughing at loud. I know that has happened to more than one mom!! Your family is precious!