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Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash Me Friday: Artwork!

This weeks FLASH: Your favorite artwork.

Our house isn't really decorated with artwork per say. It's decorated with photos of our babies. I don't think I could have too many photos of my sweet babies. I'd much rather have a huge blown up photo of my kids on the wall than a fancy piece of art.

With that said...here are a few favorites that aren't photos of my kids.

First up...original paintings by none other than the world famous Jones sisters. The girls did these lovely paintings 2 years ago. I painted the canvas the same color as the wall and then let them go to town. They loved it and I loved the outcome. These paintings add life to the walls of our office in the basement.

Next up are my over-sized wooden spoon and fork that I absolutely adore. This combo is very special to me because they belonged to my paternal grandparents. My mom and dad actually got these as a wedding gift. My mom didn't really know what to do with them at the time so she gave them to my grandmother. So from the time of my parents marriage to my grandparents death these beauties hung on the wall in Maw-Maw and Pop's TV room. My dad gave them to me after we moved into our current home. The original color was a dark wood stain, but I decided to sand and paint them black to match my kitchen. Every time I look at my fork and spoon I think of my fabulous grandparents.

Bryan would say this is his favorite piece of artwork. It's proudly displayed in the basement for all to see. The countdown is on until the season opener...

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