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Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash Me Friday: Furniture!

This Friday's flash is your favorite piece of furniture. This was a tough choice. I LOVE all my furniture because it was made exactly how I wanted it. Not hard to do when you work for the family furniture business.
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Yep...that was a shameless plug!!

My choice for favorite piece is our dining room table.
I adore my dining table. It's made from solid reclaimed pine and has a dark walnut stain and lacquer finish. It's paired with tall back mission style chairs with black distressed finish. The wonderful thing about having an old wood table is that it takes the wear and tear of having kids.
Let's say you jab a fork in it...no problem!
It just adds character because it already has natural distress and nails holes. For the record; jabbing forks into the dining table is not encouraged, but is something we have encountered a time or two.
Bryan's choice for favorite furniture is the sectional couch in the basement.
That nice looking comfy spot in the corner where the red pillows are is where you can find Bryan during "quiet time" and definitely during college football season! The couch is so comfy that we hope to put the same exact couch upstairs in the family room when the funds will allow.Minus the UGA pillows ;)

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Darcy said...

Love that table!