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Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash Me Friday: Our Kitchen

So - I found a new blog to follow through Ronnie's blog written by a fellow CF mom - her name is Jen (what a lovely name). You can read her blog by clicking here. Well, Jen started something on her blog called "Flash Me Friday's" where she randomly picks an area of the home and you take a photo of it and post it, BUT there's a hitch...you can't clean the area up before the picture. The photo is taken as is...no editing or CLEANING! I thought this sounded like some fun so I have decided to join in.

The area of the home for this Friday is: The Kitchen. Just so happens I cleaned my kitchen last night! Woot Woot. I lucked out. The girls spent the night out last night so I took advantage of being down by 2 kids. We spent today at the pool and then a movie so shockingly enough my kitchen has stayed clean!

If any of you followers want to join in on this you can do so by going to Jen's blog. Click HERE if you want to read the "rules". You can also see who else is participating - links are posted at the bottom of her Friday blog.

View from the foyer area or garage door. That is Boss laying in the middle of the floor. He has a really rough life. ;)

View from the dining room. Let's just say I'm glad the dining room was not picked this week!

View from the family room area. Notice the dog has not moved. Like I said...rough life.

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Darcy said...

Love the dark wood and sagey green color!! Looks like your dog has a life about as rough as that of our dogs...oh to be a canine... *sigh* :)