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Monday, August 2, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 43

Technically it's still summer, but at our house summer is O.V.E.R in a big way!

Today was the start of the crazy schedule we keep through the end of October. It's always an adjustment for all of us. Bryan is back at work and after work he is off to volleyball. He walked in the door tonight at 7:00, which is typically for a practice night.

Now in a week or two this routine won't be so hard, but after a laid back summer it felt like one of the longest days ever! The hardest part of my day with the kids during volleyball season is from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This is the time frame where naps are over, energy levels are restored and I have to start cooking dinner. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but prepping food, cooking dinner, keeping Bryce from getting into virtually everything, making sure the girls are entertained and busy (refereeing), and moving around with a 95 lb dog following my every step can take it's toll.
Tonight knowing it was my first night after being on a long break from the chaos I planned ahead. While I worked the girls colored. Bryce even did some coloring.

Coloring for Bryce didn't last long.
From there he decided to push the buttons on the dish washer.
Only thing that worked in my favor is that it wasn't on at the moment, which is rare. I pretty much run my dish washer every 1.5 days.Bryce usually shuts my dishwasher off in the middle of a cycle.
It's pretty much a given.

After button pushing run he decided playing in the curtains was next on his list. These curtains have been pulled out of the wall by the girls before so my guess is it's only a matter of time before Bryce does the same thing.

The girls got tired of coloring books so we move on to Shrinky Dinks!
I let the girls color them, but we didn't shrink them today.
I'll save that nugget for another day of keeping them entertained. ;)

By this time Bryce was literally hanging off my leg so I pulled out a birthday gift for him to play with. I pulled out his super cool remote control firetruck that he got from The Grundy family. He LOVED it. Played with it for at least 20 minutes straight, which is a LONG time for him to focus on one thing.

Bryan walked through the door right as I was putting food on the table. We had breakfast for dinner...yum! While I cleaned up dinner Bryan bathed Bryce and had the girls cleaning their rooms when I hear..."We have another pooper". Yep, Bryce pooped in the tub again. I will save you the photo, but can I just tell you how happy I was that Bryan had the privilege of cleaning it up.

One day down of our crazy schedule and about 89 more to go!

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