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Saturday, August 7, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 48

Bryce is 100% boy!

He LOVES tools.

He got some tools for his birthday that he loves, but Papa introduced him to a whole new world when he let Bryce hold his drill. Bryce thought this was the best thing ever. The longer he held the drill the more "exploring" he wanted to do with it. After trying to drill the bed and the floor, Papa got him a piece of plywood and trim so he could practice his drilling skills. I was very impressed that he could even hold the drill up because those things are heavy.

He is saying, "Cheeese!"

Feeling the drill bit turn in his hand. He found this fascinating.

He is making a 2 year old mental note to remember the difference between THIS drill and a toy drill.

Can I get one of these?

Mommy mental note: Christmas idea. ;)

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