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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

So...ever since our lives were blessed with a little boy I have said numerous times that there is a huge difference between boys and girls. Bryce is on a whole other level of energy than the girls could have ever dreamed. He is more curious, he's louder, he's FASTER, stronger and at times more determined to try things. Overall he is just so much more intense than the girls ever were at his age. I love the intensity, but it seriously wears me out. The girls never kept me on my toes the way Bryce does. I really can't take my eyes off the boy for 2 seconds.

Today I made the mistake of letting him roam around the upstairs with his sisters while I double checked the location for Sydney's first soccer practice today. I was on the computer for a short minute or two when my ears zoned in on the words, "Yah! Pee Pee in the potty!! Yah!!". I jumped up and happily noticed Bryce was fully dressed. He keeps up his enthusiastic clapping and pee pee chanting so I immediately look in the bathroom to find...


Oh yes. An entire roll of toilet paper gone. Did I ever experience something like this with the girls. That would be a no!

This was not a huge problem mind you, but a WHOLE roll of toilet paper soaking in the toilet isn't great either. Clearly this couldn't be flushed.
So, once again, mom took one for the team and fished the toilet paper out of the toilet into a plastic bag only to realize that the previous occupant hadn't flushed their pee pee down the toilet.
Can you say...eww?
Seriously, just my luck!
All the while I had the cutest little cheerleader saying "Yah! Pee pee. Bye bye pee pee". I guess he thought by putting all the toilet paper in the potty it was the same as him actually going to the potty.

Apparently we still have a long ways to go on our journey of potty training!!

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Unknown said...

love your little Bryce..makes me want a boy after having yet...another girl. I need more cushion in the girl dept first. He is just adorable.