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Friday, September 3, 2010

Flash Me Friday: Bonus Room

And it's back!

The Groettum Family, who came up with the Flash Me Friday concept took a few weeks off, but now back at it. I missed last weeks Flash though: Your Dishes. Last weekend was kindof crazy busy for us.

Anyway, this weeks Flash is your "Extra Space" or "Bonus Room". Two years ago Bryan finished our basement build out. Yep, he did almost all the work himself and he did an amazing job.
The whole project took him about a year and half to do, but it was so worth it because it created so much extra space for us, which is nice with 3 kids.

Play Room:
I about died when I went down to take a picture of the playroom. I haven't been in the playroom for a while and this is what greeted me when I turned on the light. YIKES! Clearly the playroom is getting put to good use. And yes, we do have a "bar" in the playroom. Don't all good playrooms have bars?? ;) With the way the plumbing was laid out in our basement the only place to put our little bar was in the playroom. I guess you could say it's a playroom for all ages. Feel free to stop by and we can crack open a nice cold juice box from the bar fridge.

There isn't much work done in the office. Thanks to the creation of wireless computers and printers we rarely sit at this desk. Most computer work is done while relaxing in bed. I use this room the most to get my walking and running on. I loathe working out but it has to be done. At least I have a TV to watch to pass the time. After working out I usually take a handful of M&M's out of the candy machine as my reward.
Counter productive?? I think not. ;)

Sitting Room:
When we first bought this house we thought having a sitting room in our bedroom was going to be the best thing ever. Wrong. What a waste of space! I would have rather had another bedroom. Before we finished the basement this was our office space. Now we call it our "craft" space. We also use it for homework time.

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That's the best part!

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