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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Girl...

Happy Birthday Jordyn Brooke!

Five years ago today we were blessed with our 2nd sweet little girl. Bryan and I didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl and I could tell when they pulled her out that we had a girl because Bryan had a huge grin on his face and started laughing. He looked down at me and said while laughing, "It's a another girl!". I really think dollar signs were flashing in his head at that very moment. Hehe. ;)

I don't have a crazy birth story to tell about Jordyn's birth. I had to have a C-Sec because of the lovely birth I had with Sydney. C-Sections are a breeze, the operation part that is. In and out with a baby in just under an hour. Fabulous! However, the recovery from a C is dreadful. I found it to be far more painful that I expected.

Jordyn was called "No Name" for 3 days because we couldn't decide on a name. We had Savannah Grace picked out originally, but I started having second thoughts after someone said Savannah was a stripper name. Since we had a 2 year old at home Bryan didn't stay with me for the first 2 nights in the hospital. We were trying to keep thing normal for Sydney. Bryan and I finally had an evening alone together with just our new baby girl on the 3rd night in the hospital. With no one around and no one giving their opinions we sat together on the hospital bed, looked at our baby girl and decided Jordyn Brooke was the name for her.

Casey, one of my dearest friends, ended up going into labor with her first baby while we were in the hospital. Her and her husband, Tim, welcomed a baby boy named Noah 2 days after Jordyn was born. We were in the hospital at the same time, our rooms were across the hall from each other and we have the same doctor. I only got up to go see her once, but the dads did sneak Noah out of his room quickly to let the babies meet each other and for a photo opt. Needless to say it didn't take long for the nurse to tell us not to do that. ;)

I'm looking forward to what Jordyn's 5th year of life will bring. My guess is allot of dress up, lots of Disney dolls, a few more temper tantrums and hopefully a whole slew of her famous monkey hugs.
Love you so much baby girl!!

Fresh from the oven.

Sydney meeting her little sister for the first time.
Jordyn was about 2 hours old here.

Sweet baby girl...less than 12 hours old.

My favorite newborn picture of Jordyn.
She was 1 day old and wide awake!

Tim and Noah with Bryan and Jordyn.

Noah and Jordyn then...

Noah and Jordyn now.
(From Jordyn's party yesterday)

Family of four!

Jordyn Brooke Jones
6 lbs 12 oz
20" long

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Unknown said...

What a great story! Love the newborn photos. Her cow dress is so cute. Did you make? Hope Jordyn has a great birthday.