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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney Fun with no Sun Day 2!

We knew our 2nd day of Disney fun would be a little rainy as we had been watching the weather 10 days prior to our trip. We packed up our ponchos and umbrella and off we went for a wet day of fun. We started at Magic Kingdom. The plan was to finish the half of the park we didn't get to the night before and to find characters we had never seen before to get those highly coveted autographs. Plus we wanted Bryce to see Mickey.

We hadn't been in the park for 2 minutes when the rain started. We threw on our ponchos and quickly headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride. From there we headed to Space Mountain. Sydney wanted nothing to do with Space Mountain, but Miss. Jordyn was being really brave and wanted to try it. She just made the height requirement. I'm not convinced she liked it, but she says she did. As we were walking out of Space Mountain we found the rain had picked up. We ran to the PeopleMover in our quest to stay "dry". On the way there I stepped in a puddle that went up past my ankle. Super comfortable! Since so much rain came down in a short amount of time everything was flooding. From there we headed to the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor since it was inside. One of the jokes Sydney and Jordyn submitted was used in the show. The girls were thrilled to hear their names and joke called out.

The joke goes:

Q. What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A. A gummie bear!!

Good one...no?!

The highlight of our day was the monsoon that came down on us as we ran to lunch. We could have been wrapped in plastic and still would have gotten wet. It was awful. Bryce had it the worst being that he was in the stroller. I was stressed I was going to ruin my camera because we were literally soaking wet and freezing on top of it all. Bryce's lips started turning blue he was so cold. The kids were all cranky and crying and to be honest...I was cranky too. It's frustrating to plan and pay for something you can't enjoy. Rain is one thing, but a down pour is another. The "Happiest Place on Earth" had quickly become the "Unhappiest Place on Earth". After lunch we hit up the Peter Pan ride and then surrendered to the rain.

After changing into warm dry clothes we headed back out to Hollywood Studios. We decided to keep the big camera and stroller in the room in case it started raining hard on us again. We lucked out and only had to deal with a light drizzle. Ponchos weren't even needed. Our first stop at Hollywood was the Tower of Terror. Now, the girls will tell you that they did not like this ride, but I contribute their poor ride experience to the annoying teenagers that were on our "elevator". These teenager literally screamed at the top of their lungs the entire ride, which made our girls think they needed to be scared. On top of that they dropped the "Sh" bomb loud and clear at least 20 times. Bryan and I were beyond angry. I "asked" them at one point to be quiet, but this only enticed them to do it more. I should have known. The lame teens ruined the ride for our girls. Total bummer because it was a super fun ride.

While Bryan and I rode the Rock N Roll Roller Coaster, my mom took the kids to The Beauty and The Beast show. We loved the ride and they loved the show so it was a win~win. From there we headed off to dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe'. This was by far my favorite meal of the entire trip. The food was delicious and our waitress, Auntie Claire was awesome! She made the dinner very fun and enjoyable. We will definitely dine there again.

After dinner we headed over to Toy Story Mania. The kids loved this attraction and handled the 45 minute wait in line like champs. By the time we got finished with Toy Story the extended hours for resorts had started. We heard music coming from the Playhouse Disney building and decided to check it out. Turns out during extended hours they have Playhouse Disney Dance Party. I'm so glad we discovered this because it was the BEST part of our entire day. Basically it was a huge dance party for kids. There were no less than 4 characters out dancing with the kids at all times, with new ones being introduced every so often. There were lights, bubbles and cast members making balloon animals for anyone who wanted them. Our kids were having the time of their lives! We stayed and danced for a quit a long time before we decided to head out to our next adventure. When we did finally leave Bryce had a fit. He did NOT want to leave! We left to watch The Little Mermaid show and then headed back to our resort.

Our day may have started off crummy, but we ended it on a high note!

Here is a video of Jordyn dancing with Minnie. Where ever Minnie went, Jordyn went!

Here is a video from the conga line. Watch for Bryan's sweet dance moves! What a good daddy. :)


Unknown said...

Cute videos and pictures! Looks like you all had a great time. So jealous! Jack has never been to Disney in his 34 years of life?! Can you believe it? We have full intentions of taking the kid, Jack...I mean Madeline to Disney world before we have another "one."
Hope you got a FAB photo album to put all those great pics in!

Gemma said...

Loved reading your last two blog posts, sounds like you've all had a wicked time!

The photos as always are lovely and the video is just too cute. That girl got moves :)

We've never been to Disney either but our excuse is we are in England, one day hope to make the trip.

Thanks for sharing xxx