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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stitches x 5

Well...Bryce received his first set of stitches this morning...5 of them to be exact. He had what I like to call an "extreme vesting" accident. He had one of these about a year ago that resulted in a black eye, but this time he stepped it up a notch and busted his eye right open.

The wound...

Bryce does his beat box (aka: vest) in our bedroom. He has a spot on the floor in front of our bed where he settles in. He uses a set of our pillows to sit and lean on for comfort. He hadn't been on the vest for 3 minutes when he began to fuss. I walked over to see what the problem was and he was unhappy about the arrangement of the pillows (he likes them a certain way). So I started to help him, but being that he is 2 and doesn't need my help with anything he wanted to do it himself. He says to me, "No, I got it mommy", when bam...he lost his balance, fell forward and hit the edge of the foot-board with his head. The hit was not hard at all so I really didn't think much of it. He started crying so I sat him in my lap to console him when I felt a drop of liquid on my hand. I looked down to see blood and then I look at Bryce to see his face full of blood. He had his hands holding his face so they were covered in blood too. Before I can think I yelled, "BRYAN!!" in a panicked voice so he springs from the bed and jumps into action. From there we quickly dressed and headed out to the ER because the Children's Immediate Care wasn't open yet.
Bryan and I were very concerned about bringing Bryce into the ER because, let's face it, hospitals are dirty and full of stuff we don't want Bryce around. We called the ER before we got there to explain our concerns. Lucky for us no one was there so they had no problem taking us back to a room right away.

Waiting for the doc...

It's hard to tell, but there is a clear plastic adhesive on his face that has a numbing gel in it to get him ready for the stitches.

Sydney getting artsy with her photos...this is the bracelet linking me to Bryce.

Time for stitches...

When Sydney saw Bryce like this she said, "Aww...look, Baby Jesus!"

Bryce was such a trooper. He was very patient and surprisingly very well-behaved considering we would not let him move out of Bryan's lap and we made him wear a mask the entire time. We didn't want him to touch anything in the hospital. He got a little fussy while we were waiting for papers to be discharged, but overall he did awesome. I couldn't watch him getting the actual stitches. I was having a hard enough time looking at his face with a gash in it so I kept my head down the entire time. Big high-fives to Bryce for being so good while getting the stitches. He was pulling on the mommy strings when he said in a whiny voice, "that hurts", "you finished?" and the kicker..."ohhh, daaaddy". I don't know who was more relieved when it was over - me, Bryan or Bryce. :)

All finished! So Brave!

My girl Sydney was awesome this morning. She was such a supportive big sister. She helped hold paper towels to Bryce's head while Bryan and I ran around to get dressed. She took photos the entire time we were at the ER. All photos on today's blog were taken by Sydney with the camera she got for Christmas. Not bad eh?

Our photographer ~ Sydney

I will call this whole ordeal a success if we can get Bryce to not reopen his wound over the next 10 days. He has already had some close calls and we have only been home for 3 hours. Wish us luck...
Finally at home and clearly feeling better. He has a band-aid on his face because he scratched himself right there. His neb cup sits right on it when he does his breathing treatment so he insists on wearing a band-aid for treatments.


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Jenny! That had to be so super stressful for you! I hope he is able to stay sedated : ) and not cause any damage to it. It sure looks painful! EEEK!

Thank you for your SO SWEET comment tonight. You made my night. I think all girls from Georgia are cool!

Gemma said...

Oh man!

Poor Bryce, boys will be boys though. I hope you guys are all okay now? Head wounds bleed like crazy so must have been scary for you all.

What a trooper he is though! I know how super proud you are of him and you should be.

Take care xxx