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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 15

Today was hot, sunny and we spent it at Six Flags!!!

Did I mention it was hot?

Sydney earned a free ticket to Six Flags through a reading program at her school. You know this frugal momma loves free anything and a free ticket to Six Flags is pretty fabulous. We dropped Bryce off with my dad who is also known as Pop. Bryce was very excited about his day with Pop and Pop was equally excited.

This trip was much more productive than our last. If you remember our trip over Spring Break was cut way short because we discovered Jordyn had a fever when we got there. I felt like the girls got robbed so it was nice to have an opportunity to take them again. The crowds weren't too bad so our longest wait was about 40 minutes and that was for Bryan and I to ride the Superman coaster.
Such Swagger!
Bryan watching the girls on the swings from the shade. He did not know I was taking his picture. I looked over and thought...dang, my man has got it people!! Love him like crazy.
Eyes on the road Sydney!!
Brave passengers!
Well...it ain't Disney, but the girls thought it was cool. Ha!

After hitting up some of the kiddie rides and a few coasters for Bryan and I, we were walking past the Wheelie. Bryan asked the girls if they would like to try it. Sydney immediately said no way and Jordyn quickly said she wanted to try it. She ended up being tall enough so off she went with her daddy to try out this fast spinning ride. I was so worried she wouldn't like it, but I was wrong. She came off the ride and wanted to go again!

When did my baby girl become so big and brave?
My girl is in one of those cars in this photo. Better Bryan on that ride than me!

We then talked (ahem...bribed) the girls to go on the Mindbender coaster. Sydney was coming up with any excuse she could as to why she wanted to get out of the line, but we pushed on until it was our turn to get on the ride. I should have taken a photo of Sydney's face as we slowly made our way up the hill to start the ride...it was a mixture of terror, panic and nervousness. Jordyn was calm as could be. If she was nervous or scared she was holding in pretty well. After the ride both girls were all SMILES!! They loved it.

Sydney was clearly nervous about getting on the Mindbender. Bryan was timing the ride for her so she knew how long it was going to be. Jordyn was all smiles and ready to go.
We did it!!

On the way out of the park we kept our promise...or should I say, we kept up our end of the bribe to get them on the Mindbender. The girls got to buy Superhero capes, which they have had on since we got home. They have also decided they want to be Super Girl and Bat Girl for Halloween. Of course we had to get Bryce a cape because after all...he is our little Superman. :)

These girls were working those capes.

Bye-Bye Six Flags...until next year. :)
Pop and Bryce. I mean Pop and Superman.
This is what the remainder of the day has looked like except the girls decided to add to their costumes when they got home. Lots of Superhero action going on at our house.

And another great summer day in the books!

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