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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 22

Tonight Uncle Andy (Bryan's brother) came over for dinner!
We had lots of fun with him as usual.
We played "Who Can Guess the Song and Artist First" with Sydney's iPod. We filled in some Mad-Libs and ate spaghetti. From there we went outside for some play in hopes of burning up some of the kids energy before bed.
I would say our evening with Uncle Andy was a good end to the day...and by how silly the kids have acted tonight, they definitely agree!

He doesn't mind that his car is pink and purple. Perks of having older sisters...
Sweet scooter jump Syd!
Jordyn is "it" during a game of hid-n-go-seek.
Sydney running to base!
BEST picture of the night!
We {heart} Uncle Andy!

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