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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 35


Today was a long day.

My day started at 6:20. I had to be at my dad's house bright and early this morning. I didn't know exactly how long it would take me to get there in morning traffic so I left the house around 6:40. Got to my dad's house in no time, which was nice because not only did I get to sit down and drink coffee with my dad, I got to see both of my brothers too.

Why was I at dad's house so early you ask? Well...he slipped over the weekend on his wet patio and broke his wrist. This morning I took him to a wrist specialist. The specialist put a cast on and sent us over to the hospital for a date with radiology. Apparently they know his wrist is broke, but they can not tell how bad because it seems he may have a bone chip stuck in the break. Umm...can you say ouch? Dad has been in a lot of pain since Saturday, but is feeling some relief now that he has the cast. He goes back to the wrist specialist on Thursday to discuss the results of his CT scan. It may be that he needs surgery. Boo. And the cherry on top of this whole unfortunate event is my dad's insurance kicks in on August 1st. Yea...double boo. My daddy is retired so his medicare is set to start in 11 days.

Can you believe this mess?! This could only happen to my dad. Seriously this type of stuff happens to him all the time. We will laugh about this one day right along with all the other crazy things that have randomly happened to him.

Dad's appointments took longer than expected, but it was great spending time one-on-one with him. I had every intention of taking a picture of his cast, but I forgot. So pretend there is a picture of a cast

Insert imaginary photo of dad's cast here. ;)

I came home to find the dog getting a bath. Thank goodness. I don't know if it's just our dog, but seriously...he has stinky dog syndrome (SDS). It's a real condition made up by me. Our Boss is spoiled and spends very little time outside. He goes out to potty and right back in. In a matter of a minute he can smell so bad it will burn your nose. So, I was delighted to find him having a bath today and as you can tell...he loved it. He looked as if he was going to fall asleep while standing up. He had that glazed over relaxed look.
Bryan had dog washing helpers too; however, they were better at getting themselves soaked than helping with the dog.

After dinner we decided to clock the distance from our house to the Cherokee Charter Academy. Why...well because our girls were accepted!! We got the phone call today. We had pretty much given up on the charter school because our lottery numbers were not picked way back in April. We looked into the charter school because Bryan is hoping to get into administration at some point over the next few years and the school our neighborhood feeds into is just so-so. We live in Cherokee, but since Bryan teaches in Cobb, Sydney is allowed to attend the school he teaches at. Bryan's school is an excellent school; however, if he goes into administration there is no guarantee what area of Cobb he will be placed in. Just like any county there are some areas that have "better" schools than others. At any rate we have until tomorrow at 5:00 to decide if we want to accept the offer from the charter school. At this point...we are leaning towards it, but the draw back is there will be some serious driving on my part daily.
We ended this grand day with ice cream. Bryce got a free birthday ice cream coupon emailed to me and I had a BOGO coupon on top of that so getting ice cream tonight was a no brainer. Bryce was so cute handing the girl at the counter and telling her all by himself what flavor he wanted. He choose mint chocolate chip. He ate every last bite of it too.

The kids are now in bed and I think I'm right behind them once I finish this sentence. ;)

Nighty night.

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