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Saturday, July 30, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 46

School starts for the girls in 2 weeks. We were all set on the girls attending school where Bryan teaches, Davis Elementary, but after getting an offer from the new Cherokee Charter Academy our plans have changed. A few weeks ago I went out and bought school supplies based on the list from Davis...well, today I had to go purchase more items to add to the stuff I already bought. The charter schools supply list had a few more items on it.

So...off we went today to purchase new book bags, lunch boxes and supplies. Can you say OUCH?? We put a dent in the old budget today filling in our missing supplies. Crazy enough...I didn't find all the items I needed so tomorrow I will make my way to the office supply store in hopes of getting the last few items.

People...school supplies ain't cheap these days!!

Jordyn's supplies - still need folders, primary composition notebooks and Kleenex.
Oh and "fat pencils". What the heck are "fat pencils"??

Sydney's supplies - still need a few folders and Kleenex.
Shoes would have been much more fun to shop for!

I can't believe how much money we dropped on school supplies so far. I thought I had done really well with my first round of shopping, but today's shopping blew my "budget" out of the water. And that was with me using coupons!! Come Monday we will be dropping a couple of bills on school uniforms too, but after the initial purchase we don't have to worry about buying school clothes for the rest of the year so I think we are saving a lot of money in the long run.


Unknown said...

Whoa! Crazy amount of school supplies in your house! It is nuts these days how many things supplies kids need for school. I taught grades 2, 3 and 4 when I was a elementary teacher for 12 years (before M was diagnosed). Those lists grow longer every year because school budgets get cut- certainly not like it was when I went to elementary school!!! BTW- those "fat pencil" are pencils suitable for K or Pre-K students. They are "thicker". Think of thick Crayola crayons for young children..same goes for "fat pencils!" Hope you find some... ;)

Mandie said...

I hear you about school supplies we get the girls at Target and they even went up this year. Staples has the fat pencils or they should. We still have school clothes to buy but I split it up during the year. I wish all schools would go with uniforms. Hope you find what you need.

Tara said...

It's funny that you wrote this.. Alejandro is going to a private Catholic school this fall (Kindergarten) and we got a package in the mail requiring 3 pages of specific supplies. I understand the budget dent!! We found the fat pencils (brand Ticonderoga) at Target... The funniest thing on our list was a double thick yoga mat preferably in the color black?!??! Downward dog? They use them for rest time I guess... At any rate 100+ dollars later we have the supplies...
Great post!