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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 49

This will be a boring post.

How's that for an opening.

I literally have nothing for ya. I can tell summer is coming to a close because my day has been busy with little fun thrown in. I've been working on all sorts of stuff all day and I'm exhausted. Transitioning from summer schedule to fall schedule usually kicks my butt for the first couple of weeks.

Bryce went for his 3 year check up today. Pediatrician says he looks great and his lungs sound fabulous. Always good news to hear. He is 32.8 lbs...not anywhere near his 34 lb weight goal for clinic on August 18th. I'm not too worried about this because he has gained some weight since our last clinic, but there is no way he is going to put on almost 2 lbs before the 18th. It is tricky getting this boy to gain weight. He is so active and usually has little time to eat as most boys and girls his age. As long as he is gaining and not losing...I'm a happy momma. He did get one shot today. He got his MMR vaccine and did not cry at all! I was impressed. I know it's really late for him to be getting the MMR, but I kept pushing it off and pushing it off and since he wasn't scheduled for a shot today I decided to let him get it. I bring him back in a month for the flu shot. Geez...that time again already!!

Hmm...let's see...I didn't take any photos of my cuties today because I was so busy all day so I'll leave you with a throw back summer pictures. I love going through old pictures!

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