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Friday, August 19, 2011

August Clinic 2011

I'm a little late with this post because I spent the Friday gallivanting around town with my sweet baby boy. It was a mommy and son type of day.

Bryce had his clinic on Thursday (8/18/11). The girls ended up having a teacher workday so off I went to clinic with all THREE kids. I'm not going to even front that we were by far the loudest room on the hallway. Between random arguments that would break out and Bryce flying into the wall multiple times while riding on the stool that has wheels, we were very entertaining.

He wore his mask when he needed to with no complaints. He wanted to walk to triage "I do it by myself" so no hand holding with mommy. He sat very still and completely cooperated with the nurse in triage. She got all readings on the first try...that had NEVER happened before. My boy is growing up! Very proud of him.
Bryce weighed in at 33.8 lbs. His goal was 34 lbs so we were very close and they were very pleased. This helped boost his BMI to 86%!! This is the highest BMI he has had yet. Bryce is currently on Creon 6 so he is taking 4 to 5 enzymes with every meal and 3 with snacks. So, after we finish up our current supply we are moving to Creon 12 so he won't have to swallow as many pills for a while. Since the pill is double what he is on now, the amount of pills he swallows will be cut in half. His GI doc and nutritionist were thrilled with Bryce. His energy, his weight, the amount of fluids he drinks...oh and did I mention his energy?

Every single person who came into see commented on his energy. "Is he always this active?".

Umm, why yes, yes he is.

I do feel like he stepped it up at notch during our visit. This kid was literally climbing the walls. There was a ledge that connected to the window. He would climb up on the ledge, jump to the exam table and the jump OFF the exam table. Wild little man! I love it...working those lungs is how I see it. Bryce loves going to clinic to see his doctors so maybe that was why he was overly jazzed. Hopefully this positive attitude about clinic will continue over the years. I enjoy going to clinic too because I just love Bryce's CF team. They are AWESOME!

Entertaining themselves in-between visitors. There was a TV, but I didn't like the shows that were playing (more for "Tweens") and we could not get the channel to change so no TV watching for us.
His pulm doc said he looks good and sounds clear. He does have some congestion that started the day prior so she said to start up nasal rinses and Flonase again. I was doing the Flonase anyway, but the nasal rinses really help Bryce. He enjoys "getting the boogers out". I think Bryce is having a reaction to the ragweed like I am. I have been a sneezing, dripping mess for 2 days.

As we were packing up to leave his GI doc popped her head back in to say that on our next visit she is going to have his blood tested again because his liver levels were high. He had his blood work done at our May clinic. GI doc seems to think that this is a mistake because he shows no signs that would correlate with high liver levels. She said that if he had been super sick she would be more concerned and make us stay longer for blood work, but she felt testing in November would be okay. He will also have chest X-rays in November.

This ledge helped entertain Bryce all day.
So...other than some head congestion our boy is looking good once again. I can't tell you how happy this makes Bryan and I. All we do now is wait on those culture results. Fingers crossed for a clear culture so we can avoid those inhaled antibiotics. Now that school has started for the girls and Bryce starts soon...I really do not want to add any other treatments to our morning routine than what we already do.
Pray. Pray. Pray.

Our rock star!
YEAAA for another great clinic visit!!
Now for those clear culture results...


Unknown said...

HOORAY! He is such a CALM dude- I seriously need him to teach M not to be such a spaz at the dr's. (Did I mention cute too?!) Awesome news on his BMI!!! That is soo great! He really does look like a boy and less like a toddler! Love your photos!

Gemma said...

Awesome news!!! Way to go Bryce, what a star and handsome little chap he is!

Praying for clear cultures.

PS LOVE your header picture, hilarious!!