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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet & Greet

We were up bright and early today for Meet & Greet at the girls new school. Jordyn's assigned time was 8:00 so yea...up very early on a Saturday morning. It takes a lot to get our crew ready so I woke up at 6:30. Something I learned this morning...I'm going to have to get up earlier than 6:30.

The girls were very quiet this morning. I think they were nervous. Since they will be wearing uniforms to school I let them wear what we had originally had picked out as first day of school outfits. I'm so happy they got to wear them for some sort of school function because I thought they were super cute. :)

The first person we saw when we arrived was Uncle Andy!! Some of you may not know this, but my brother-in-law will be teaching at the girls new school. He is a special education teacher and is pumped about this new teaching experience. He will be assisting grades 3 though 5. He has been very impressed with the school and how they operate, which makes me feel good as a parent. Andy has 15 years of experience so the fact that he is impressed is a good sign.

After getting the girls agenda book and car pool number we headed off to see Jordyn's classroom and meet her teacher. Jordyn's teacher is Ms. Ranieri and she is adorable. She is a first year teacher, but has several years experience teaching Pre-K. Jordyn's classroom is huge! It's decorated super cute and I love the fact that is has bathrooms and a sink IN the classroom. I think that is perfect for Kindergartners.

Jordyn's teacher had the kids find their names at their desk. Then they had a "Pick Me" stick to decorate and a scavenger hunt to complete. While Jordyn worked on her stuff Bryan and I had an "apple" to write out a wish for Jordyn that her teacher will read to her on the first day. How cute!! I was VERY impressed with Jordyn's teacher and how organized she was. Jordyn seemed to warm up to her right away and I think this will be a great start to her school career.

Sydney's class is literally right across the hall from Jordyn's class. Her teachers name is Mrs. Roberts. Syd's teacher seems to have a serious, but sincere demeanor, which is good since 3rd grade is no joke. I've been hearing for years from seasoned parents that 3rd grade is a tough year. I'm down with a serious teacher for a tough year. Sydney's room is HUGE. I am so impressed by the size of the classrooms in this school. Mrs. Roberts did not have many decorations up in her room because up until very recently her room was being used as the text book storage room. She basically just got her room so she hasn't really had a chance to get settled in there. We learned that Uncle Andy will be team teaching in Sydney's class for a few subjects since there are a few kids in her class that will need extra assistance. I don't think Sydney knows this information yet so we have to talk to her about keeping her love for Uncle Andy on the down low while at school. :) OH - and another fun thing...Sydney's class will walk over to Jordyn's class every once-in-a-while to help them with reading! Fun, fun, fun!!

After today's meet and greet I am so completely excited for the girls to attend this school. All of the teachers we encountered today were so helpful and kind. There was a positive energy flowing through the hallways of the school. The teachers are just as excited about this new experience as the parents and kids. I think this is going to be an amazing school and provide the girls with an amazing learning experience.

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Unknown said...

CUte pics of the girls! Love the outfits!!!! They look as though they are going to have an awesome school year. Beginning teachers are the best...they have the best motivation too!!!