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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Art + Party = FUN!

Jordyn's birthday party came and went. Her theme this year...an Art Party. It was a blast. I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids or me because I thoroughly enjoyed the preparations that went into this party. There are WAY too many cute ideas that go along with an art party. I had originally called one of those paint your own canvas places only to find that a party would cost me $250.00 for 10 kids. That's it. No food, no cake...nothing. For the same amount of money I did my own party with 15 kids, a whole lot of adults, food, cake, decorations, a ton of art supplies, a large home-made easel, smocks and goodie bags. A whole lot more bang for my buck so a win ~ win for all! If you are looking for a party theme that appeals to boys and girls an art party is a must. The kids had so much fun painting. Some took longer to paint than others so once the kids finished painting they ate and did typical kid stuff in the cul-de-sac like riding scooters and playing chase.

Each birthday party that comes and goes is always so bittersweet. I adore watching my children grow and reach new milestones, but I sure do hate that time is flying by so fast. My baby girl is turning 6 tomorrow so today I secretly am soaking up every last minute of her 5th year.

Enjoy the party pictures!!

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Anonymous said...

Fun reading your blog. Good to "meet" another CF mama.

Know what you mean by celebrating the milestones, while secretly holding onto every precious moment.

May God Be Near.

Blessings to you,