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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Wonders

Of course our weekend went by way too fast.
They always do.
This past weekend was full of soccer, pumpkin patches, volleyball, a birthday party, church and a much needed date night.
A few pics for you viewing pleasure.
Just after a "header"...the first of two in the game!
You should see the smile on her face after she hits that ball with her head. :)

We took home 3 pumpkins...one for each of our little punkins. (I had to do it!)
Now we just have to find time this week to carve them.

In volleyball news...
Bryan's team, Pope Greyhounds made it to the Final Four. They play on Wednesday night. If things go well on Wednesday they will be playing for their 3rd State title...in a row.
Let's go Greyhounds!!

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Unknown said...

Love the pics of each of them with their pumpkins. Although mom and dad look pretty cute themselves with those pumpkins! ;)Good luck to Bryce's team!!!