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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And So It Begins...

The holiday season is here which is pretty hard to believe.

Christmas officially kicked off for the Jones Family yesterday with our annual trip to see good old St. Nick. I know it seems a bit early for a Santa visit, but with our crazy schedule we fit things in when we can. With that said, my main reason for the early visit is I have it in my head that the earlier you go, the less germy Santa is. The bonus...no line to wait in!!

The kids were so excited and were all smiles.
Here is the photo that Santa's helpers took.
Doesn't Santa look nice and germ free. ;)

While Santa's people took photos I was firing off my own shots. I couldn't use my flash since it would interfere with Santa's camera so I cranked up the ISO and hoped for the best.
I took 83 photos and about 20 of them are cute...success!Who's naughty and who's nice?
You decide.

Santa asking them if they have been good.

Jordyn's up.
She asked for a Nintendo DS and walkie-talkies.
Bryan asked her why she asked for walkie-talkies.
She said "so I can talk to Sydney when she is far away".
Love these kids!

Sydney's turn.
She narrowed her very long list of wants down to 2 items as requested.
She asked for a Nintendo DS and a guitar.

And finally to Bryce.
He asked for a guitar and race cars (shocking).
A guitar?? Let's hope he likes drums...just sayin. ;)

After Santa we treated the kids to Cracker Barrel before heading home.
Guess who was waiting for us when we walked in the door??

It's our elf...Buddy!! (I know, super original name.)
The kids were thrilled to see Buddy again.

I'm seriously considering have Buddy make random trips to the house throughout the year because we had ourselves 3 precious angle babies last night. The manners were flowing, the tone in which one would talk to a siblings was pleasant, smiles were present during homework time and we could have asked those kids to do pretty much ANYTHING and they would have done it with enthusiasm.

Refreshing ourselves on Buddy and his rules.

Listening intently.

Big shout out to the creators of Elf On A Shelf. The magic works!

Yep, the holidays are gearing up and I couldn't be happier.
I LOVE this time of year!!


Gemma said...

Seriously considering getting our own buddy! Reading how well it worked for you guys last year pretty much sold it!

Love the pictures my favourite is the one with bryce sticking his Tongue out, super cute.

You are one lucky mama have such well behaved kiddos, hope it lasts :)

Take care xxx

Unknown said...

I love your kiddos! They look like magazine models in a magazine sitting on Santa's lap. I don't think I could get Madeline near Santa this year. I think she would be freaked! I love the Elf on the Shelf pictures too. The kids are really into it. We thought about doing it this year but Madeline doesn't have any older sisters/brothers to help her understand what the elf does. I am sure Bryce gets some advising from the girls. Sounds like a fun filled day for the kids!