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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011: The Day

Just like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was perfection. I absolutely loved the excitement that was oozing out of my kids. Do you remember that magical feeling you got as a child on Christmas morning. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of Christmas morning and I hope my kids are making some of their own favorite Christmas morning memories as well.

Much to my surprise I was the first one up on Christmas morning around 7:00. I waited as patiently as I could, but by 7:45 I was itching to get the festivities started. Our first priority on Christmas morning was Bryce's treatments. After a 30 minute beat box session and a breathing treatment we were ready to roll. I quickly want to give my girls a shout out here...they are always so patient and supportive of Bryce's needs. Never do they complain about having to wait for him to do do his treatments and typically they sit on the floor and share their blankets with him while he does his thing. Proud of how sweet my girls are and how much they love their brother. After treatments we brushed hair and brushed teeth our day got started.

I took an obnoxious amount of photos as usual. Instead of uploading a few I made a slide show.

Our day started with seeing what Santa brought, followed by a breakfast of Entenmann's donuts. This is a tradition I carried over to my family from when I was a kid. It's not Christmas morning until I have sunk my teeth into a delicious chocolate Entenmann's donut! After breakfast we opened up family gifts from under the tree. By the time we finished opening gifts and had ourselves a marshmallow gun fight it was time to get ready to head to my Aunt Carole's house for a yummy lunch. From Aunt Carole's we headed over to Bryan's parents house for dinner and gifts. Papa and Honey made a yummy dinner as well, but I was so incredibly full from lunch I didn't eat anything. I just couldn't fit anything else in my stomach!!

Christmas 2011 was just about perfect. Nothing better than celebrating the birth of our Savior with the ones you love most...our families. We are so blessed to be surrounded on all sides by amazing family. I love each and everyone of them...probably more than they really know.

Click the play button to enjoy the slide show.

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