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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Nanny

Another chapter of life has come to a close. Yesterday, January 14, 2012, I said goodbye to my last living grandparent. My grandmother, Elizabeth Lois High; lovingly known as Nanny, is now living her eternal life in Heaven.
This is the vision that kept popping up in my head yesterday. This was taken a few months before my grandmother got a terrible burn on her leg which was the start of her deteriorating health. Prior to that...this woman seemed almost unstoppable!! She was amazing.
I love how Bryce and Nanny are looking at each other...and he is smiling at her!

On January 5th I took the girls to see Nanny after Jordyn finished up her dance class. Mom had told me earlier in the day that the end was near. I wanted Nanny to see the girls and for them to see her before she passed. I can't begin to say how happy I am that I took the girls to see her that night. Jordyn had on her dancing clothes and did some ballet for her. Sydney joined in as well. It was so sweet. Nanny's eyes never left the girls for the time we were there. I'm not 100% sure if she knew who they were, but she definitely enjoyed watching them. When we first walked in the room I think Nanny was a bit confused. She looked at my mom, then me and then at the girls. My guess is she was like...wow, all these girls look the same!

4 Generations together one last time. :)

On the morning of the day she passed I got a text from my mom saying that the end was drawing closer. Sydney and I met up with my brothers at the nursing home around lunch to let her know one last time how much we love her. It was very hard seeing my grandmother laying there in such a frail way. She did not look anything like she did just a week before so I immediately looked to Sydney to make sure she was okay. I think my brothers were very taken aback by her appearance as well. Being in that room seemed to transport me back to the deaths of my paternal grandparents. It's been years since my other grandparents passed, but its kind of like reliving each of their deaths again. It's seems so strange that all of my grandparents are gone. It's a good feeling to know I was blessed with some pretty fabulous grandparents that helped me make some pretty special memories.

After our visit with Nanny, my brothers and I went to lunch with mom. Nanny passed away while we were on our way back from lunch. We had dropped mom off at the nursing home and within just a few minutes she called to say that she was gone. I called my brothers and we all turned around to go back to check on mom. My aunt Bonnie had come for a visit while we were at lunch so Nanny was not alone when she passed. I was worried my mom would be upset that she wasn't there, but she said that she knew she would probably go while we were at lunch. I'm glad my brothers and I were with mom. We had a really enjoyable lunch together...a great memory to have.

As always it's so bittersweet saying goodbye to a loved one. I'm sad...the family is sad, but at the same time we are thrilled she is without pain.
She is free from the shackles of this life...
She has seen Jesus...
How absolutely amazing is that?!

Some of the pictures from the last 3 years...

Nanny with her girls: Judy (Right), Bonnie (Left) and Nancy (my mom in the red).
Her 88th birthday last January. She would have been 89 on January 21st.
A favorite picture!


Gemma said...

Oh Jenny I'm so sorry your nan has passed away but I love how strong you all are as a family and know that strength will hold you together.

Clearly your nan has left a lasting legacy and I love all the wonderful memories you have of her.

I no longer have any grandparents either and it is a very strange feeling but I know they have taught me so much and I see I am already passing their wisdom onto Sophie.

Take care and huge (hugs) she appears to be an amazing lady xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny. I trained with your Aunt Bonnie and your grandmother Lois high in the late 1970s. I had a dream about Lois last night, and I wanted to see what I could find online. Your grandmother Lois was probably one of the strongest women I ever knew. She was extraordinary, talented, and had a critical eye when it came to coaching skaters. I'm glad that she continued to be surrounded by all who loved her the most in her final days.