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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 15

I spent the morning doing some work. 
The kids and Bryan spent the morning cleaning. 

After lunch we treated our hard work with a trip to the pool. 

 Bryce spent the day "scrubbing" the pool. 
Cleaning off the algae so the pool could be shocked and ready to go for Pool Friday.

This evening Bryan and I had a dinner date at the Whitlock's house (Mark, Missy and Ethan. Mark is Bryan's cousin). I totally invited ourselves over just to hang out and Missy went all out and cooked us dinner. A very delicious dinner I might add. We don't get together with Mark AND Missy as much as we like for the simple fact that Bryce and Ethan really can't be in close proximity together. Ethan has a trach which doesn't mix well with Bryce having CF. This kind of puts a damper on our family spending time with their family so usually it's me meeting Missy out for dinner and drinks. When we have huge family gatherings for holidays we try our best to keep the boys separated. 
A bit of a bummer, but we make it work the best we can. 

Tonight we left the kids with Honey and Papa (thanks for watching the kiddos) and had ourselves a delightful time with the Whitlock's.  Thank you Missy for making such a delicious dinner. 
Bryan talked about how good the food was on the way home! 

 As you can clearly see, I was very excited at what Ethan was telling us.

 White T Club. 
We were trying to get them to hug. 
It didn't work. 
This is the best we could do. 

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Victoria's Mom said...

I'm really surprised at your comment that Ethan and Bryce can't be close because of Ethan's trach. I was concerned about the same thing when Victoria was a baby. One of my best friends has a trach, and she visits nearly every week. My friend was afraid to hold Victoria for fear of getting her sick. I checked with the CF clinic and pediatrician both. They both said no worries. And neither has mentioned a risk to my friend either.

I'm curious. What have your doctors said? Why have they said they should keep a distance?