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Sunday, June 17, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 19

Shout out to all the baby daddy's out there!! 
Today was your day and I hope it was as fantastic as ours.

Bryan started his day off to a few presents!! 
My mom helped the kids pick out a few special gifts for him on top of what we already got him. 
He was spoiled today, but he totally deserved it.
From the girls...
From Bryce...

After muffins for breakfast (are you surprised by this?) we headed out to church, but not before we attempted a family photo. In under 10 mins I threw the camera on the tripod and took a slew of photos.
I was happy with the results...amazingly the kids were in picture taking mode!  
Why is it that the kids never cooperate for photos on Mother's Day, 
but they are rock stars on Father's Day??
 Pose 1
 Pose 2
 Pose 3 - girls did the leg thing on their own. 
Bryce saw them and thought he would try a leg thing too.
 Best daddy ever!
 Seriously, he is my favorite.

After church I spent the afternoon in the kitchen getting ready for dinner with my mom, dad and brothers. Bryan and the kids spent the afternoon together playing and watching Star Wars (kids are on a total Star Wars kick right now). 

My dad is a lover of banana pudding and several months he brought me a recipe he had come across. So since then I hatched a plan to make this banana pudding for him...from scratch. 

 Bryce was helping Pop "read" his card. 
 IHOP gift card = one happy Pop!
 Sorry dad, I had to post this photo!
 Bryan got him some money...he can use it to take me to dinner. :) 
 Uncle Jay demonstrating his gaming skills.
The finished result looked really pretty, but I was so nervous that it would taste bad. Well, turns out it tasted pretty good! Everyone really liked it. I wouldn't know because I don't eat bananas or anything with any sort of banana flavor. Bleck! My dad really enjoyed it so that was all that mattered. 

After dinner we spent some time outside playing cornhole 
and the kids hung out with our neighbor friends. 

 That is the face of a champion my friends. 
Just kidding...I'm really bad at cornhole and definitely lost.
 Yes. Yes the girls are playing in the front yard in their pajamas.

One last time...
 Happy Father's Day to my daddy, my father-in-law and my adorable husband!!

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