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Friday, June 29, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 31

We helped celebrate Uncle Joey's birthday with a cookout and pool party. The kids stayed around for the first hour and then mom took them home. Before going home they helped sing Happy Birthday to Joey and gave him a few gifts. 

 I let the kids pick out gifts from Joey at the Dollar Store....they love that place. Bryce picked out a toy gun that lights up and makes noise. Jordyn picked out an apple scented candle and Sydney picked out a glass cube with an elephant etched on the inside. He loved his gifts. Somehow the gun ended up at our house. Ha!
 Say Cheese with Uncle Joey!
 Bryan added a hotdog to this photo...silliness.
 Fill in your own caption!!! 
Check those cup cake toppers out. :)
 Close up. 
Joey loves strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting so naturally him dressed as Strawberry Shortcake made the perfect topper.
 Happy Birthday to you...

Bryan and I stayed at the party for a few hours longer to enjoy some fun sans kids. We enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We enjoyed delicious chicken wings that my dad brought over and then my brother grilled up some delicious burgers. We played some corn hole and then headed home. 
 Showning Bo some love. This is my brother's dog.
 My little brother.
Joe and Bo

Happy Birthday to Joey...again and thanks for a fun evening!

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