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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 7

The next morning we slept in, grabbed some breakfast, used up our remaining snack credits in the gift shop and then headed out. This might have been my favorite trip to Disney yet. I enjoyed having a day off to spend at the pool. I definitely enjoyed NOT having Park Hopper passes. I felt more relaxed knowing we had the entire day to spend in one park. We tried some new dining places that we will definitely eat at again. The timing of the trip was pretty perfect...if I could get Bryan out of school one day earlier it would literally be the perfect timing for our family vacation. I'm already scheming ideas for our next Disney trip!

The rest of the day was spent sitting in the car for the 7 hour trip back home. At one point all three kids were sleeping. I'm not going to lie...it was pretty awesome. The car was completely quiet for at least a good hour. 
 Welcome home!

 This guy was not so happy about going home. 
He had just said, "I don't want to go home. I want to stay at Disney Jr".

Back to reality...
Thanks for enduring all the photos!

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