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Sunday, July 8, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 40

So our Sunday was not super exciting. 
We spent it cleaning and organizing. 
You could say we have been putting off house cleaning in lieu of summer fun so we forced ourselves to take a break from fun and catch up on the boring stuff. I worked on the inside while Bryan did some work on the outside. I'd like to tell you everything is in it's place now, but that is not the case. As long as we have 3 kids living here it's safe to say the house will always be messy! 

The only picture I took of our cleaning spree was of Bryan on a ladder fixing a piece of siding on the house that moved out of place. This piece of siding has been out of place (leaving a gap) for over a year mainly because of where it was on the house...not the easiest or safest spot to reach. We debated paying someone to come out and fix it for us, but Bryan finally decided to save some cash and do it himself. We borrowed a fancy ladder from one of our neighbors while our other neighbor, Allen, held the ladder in place while Bryan did his thing. 

 Long story short...siding is fixed, we saved money and Bryan didn't kill himself!
That is what you call: SUCCESS. 

We treated our hard work with a trip to the pool (shocking) and then dessert with Bryan's family.  


Next up...pressure washing the house. 
Summer excitement at it's finest.

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