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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 42

I have not felt great today so I didn't take any photos so I thought I would take this opportunity so share some of Sydney's poetry from her "Rimeing Jernol". I found this delightful book while cleaning our her room over the weekend. I do not know exactly when she wrote these dope rhymes, but the girl has skills.

I bot some art
from Walmart.
I used a cart
I like to buy art
at Walmart. 

Rime rime
all the time.
I like limes
but rimes are
better than limes.
So rime all the time.

I can cook
a book.
I look
at the book.
After, I cook
the book.
It is crispy!

"People I know"
I have a sister named Jordyn.
I have a friend named Morgan.
I have an uncol named Gordyn.
I love Morgan, Jordyn and Gordyn!

Over Mars,
there are stars.
I have a cat that pars,
but Mars
is better than a cat that pars
and lots of stars.

"The Sky"
The devil liys
but I love the sky.
Clouds sore up high
in the sky.
My sky
is the limit.

My jeans,
make me lean
but I love my jeans
even thow they make me lean
I have seen
people where scorts but
I love my jeans.

"I Have Something Red'
I have something red
it is as red as a sled.
it is on the outside of led.
My mom said, "Let's eat some bread"
I bring something red
with me to eat.
What is something red?

Answer: Pensel

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