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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Force Is Strong...

With the Joneses.

October came and went with a fury. Seems to be a trend with us Joneses. We squeeze every last second out of a month and move on to the next. We wrapped October up with some Halloween fun...Star Wars style!

The kids have been crazy about Star Wars ever since they experienced Star Wars weekends at Hollywood studios at the beginning of the summer. The kids knew from the moment vacation was over what they wanted to be for Halloween. The costumes have been hanging in the kid's closets for months now so it goes without saying that they were VERY excited to finally wear them.

Pure Awesomeness!
 Sydney went as Queen Amidala
 Although she was in "character" all night by being very straight faced...she did give me a few smiles or two. 
 Jordyn went as Princess Leia.
 Jordyn was also in "character" all night. She was working the gun and the sassy!
 And last but not least...
Bryce went as Darth Vader.
Talking mask, light up light saber and all.

Of course we trick or treated with our buddies. As usual the Mullinax crew joined us with their two super cute...I mean super tough Batmen. 
Missing Miles in this photo...he was finished with the whole picture thing. 

And on top of the Mullinax family joining us our sweet friends the Howe girls came to be part of our crew too! That is one fantastic look group of kids...don't you think?!

And here are few random shots from the candy collecting fun. 
No time for walking there is candy to be had!
 This is my dad in his Blues Brothers mask. Hilarious! He helped hand out candy.
 Princess Leia was set on leading the pack to each and every house. She kept a fast pace because she didn't walk the whole night...she RAN!
 Vader had to come up for air so we lost the mask half way through.
Amidala took her time all night getting to each house. She didn't want to trip on her outfit.

We had so much fun collecting candy with our friends. Thanks for joining us guys! 

November brings more craziness for us. Soccer, gymnastics, clinic, birthday's, the last Twilight movie (yep...I just said that), delicious Thanksgiving festivities with family and a little something called Black Friday.

Bring on the crazy and bring on the fun! That's how we roll...

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