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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Family Christmas Photos.


 Joey and I in what I'm guessing to be 1979. 
I'm betting my mom made my night gown.

 Joey and I on Christmas Eve 1984. Joey is rockin' that suit!
My mom made my red "knickers" and she had a matching pair.
Too bad I can't find that picture!
 Christmas morning 1984. 
I played the 45 of "Like a Virgin" at least 50 times that morning. 
Yes, I said "Like a Virgin". I had no idea what that song was about at the time.

 Aww...and here with are with our baby brother Jay. This is Christmas 1987.

 Christmas Eve of what I guess is 1988. I'm rocking a spiral perm. 

 Fast forward a few years to Christmas 1991. 

 And here we are at Nanny's house for Christmas Eve in 1992. 
Joey has a mouth full of braces and I'm wearing plaid tights.

 My guess is this is Christmas Eve 1995 or 1996. 
Nothing says Merry Christmas like an all black ensemble.

 Christmas Eve 1997

 Christmas Eve 1998. Look how happy Joey is. Pure joy is oozing out of him! 

 In 1999 everyone was much happier. 
Not sure where the tree is...maybe we skipped it that year.
 Aww...and then there was a Bryan in the mix. This is Bryan and I in 2000 before going to my work Christmas Party. 
This is also about a week before he proposed to me! 

 And our picture from 2011. 
We take a photo together EVERY year. 
My brother's can drive me crazy, but I absolutely adore both of them.
 And a silly one for the fun of it.

And don't think I forgot about Bryan's throwback photos. 

I don't have many, but here are a few of Bryan and his siblings. 

 Andy, Amy and Bryan - don't know the year but I'm guessing 1981 or 1982.

And here they are Christmas 1997. 

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