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Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Quickie

Umm...it's March! Can I get an AMEN? 

That means Spring is just around the corner and we can get rid of this cold weather. Don't know about you, but I'm pretty much over it. 

February slipped by quickly because our Spring schedule started up and things have been getting busy around here again. I've taken a ton of pictures, but haven't made time to post any of them so I'm going to post a few with brief descriptions. 
A simple and quick blog = a Monday photo quickie to start your week off. 

 Valentine Party at school. 

 Monster trucks are pretty awesome when they jump and fly through the air, but...

 They are even more awesome when they crash! The place would go wild.

 About to crash. Down here in the South we take Monster Trucks very seriously. Check out the packed house!

My dad took us when we were little so this was fun for him to now take Bryce. Next year we will bring the girls because I know they will love it. 

We finally had a warm sunny day and took total advantage of it. The kids played outside for almost 3 hours. It's been raining here for weeks now so it was nice to finally be outside.
 Of course it started raining again the next day.

 Sphere...we spent part of the sunny afternoon taking pictures of geometric shapes for Sydney's geometry project.
 Notice the light saber. Our kids are literally obsessed with Star Wars these day. Bryce always has some sort of Star Wars weapon on him at all times.

 This is Sydney's picture for demonstrating circles and rotation. :)

 Oh Jordy. Love her.

 We also helped our friend Max celebrate his 6th birthday. So fun!

 Sydney was clearly having fun!

Jordyn made it to the top of the spider web climb. She was fast!

 Last weekend our first soccer tournament of the season was cancelled because of rain. Sydney was thrilled to finally get on the fields this weekend, but it was FREEZING outside! Like literally freezing. It was even snowing for some of Saturday's game. Sydney's team won this game and Syd scored the most beautiful goal!!

 We were all bundled up for the game. 

Sunday's game was even colder so I opted to not take pictures and stay under my warm blanket. They ended up losing the game, but the girls played awesome. The team they played pretty much slaughtered them last time, but this time around they help their own. So proud of the girls...especially since they were playing in such cold windy weather.

March 5th is Baby Brother's (Jay) 26th birthday. We celebrated over the weekend since Little Brother (Joey) is leaving for a snowboard trip on the 5th. 
Jay turning 26 makes me feel sooooo old! Seems like yesterday I would leave high school and go pick him up for elementary school.  

 People. Let's all take a moment to appreciate this picture. Joey is smiling. I repeat: Joey is smiling. It's as rare to spot as a unicorn. 

 Family shot! Jay's girlfriend Renee and her daughter Liz helped us celebrate as well.

 Silly shot!

Hi-ya! This picture makes me laugh.

 "Hurry. Take our picture!"

The Baby Brother. 
Happy Birthday Jay!

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