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Monday, June 17, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 11

On the agenda today...house cleaning. 

We have been having a lot of fun lately and the house has fallen to the way side sooo today we are in cleaning mode. Since cleaning a messy house is really boring I have more Disney pictures!! 

Disney Day 4: "Off Day"

After 3 days going full force in the parks our 4th day was our day off. We had a nice leisurely breakfast at Chef Mickey's. This was our first time doing the Chef Mickey's meal and we really enjoyed it. The characters were fun and interacted with the kids a lot. The breakfast buffet was tasty as well.

Bryce had to do "Boom's" with all the characters. He even introduced them to the backwards five's. This confused a few of them at times. :)

After breakfast we headed back to our resort for a day at the pool. The kids had a blast on the water slide. Who am I kidding...Bryan and I had fun too. The kids also  got in on some of the fun pool activities that were going on: Bingo, Simon Says, beach ball toss, relay races, water balloon hot potato and a scavenger hunt. Oh yea - a little dancing too! Jordyn participated in every single activity they offered. She was having so much fun. 


 One of the pictures from the scavenger hunt. They had to take pictures of themselves at different places around the pool area. 


 Can you spot Jordyn?!

After our day of fun in the sun we got ready for dinner at the resort's restaurant - Boatwright's. 
We ate their our last trip and liked it so much we wanted to eat there again. 
I had the prime rib...it was delicious! 

The End to a very relaxing and fun day. 

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